About LA




The LA range was developed through many months of research and development, and created using only the finest natural blends of imported European oils.

The LA formulation and development team, with 15 years in the cosmetics, skin care and hair care industry, by scientific curation, produce and develop our future award-wining formulations for each of our products, providing you with phenomenal and consistent results.

Designed to be comfortably lightweight, thanks to our unique non-comedogenic blends, the skin and hair absorb the product without blocking pores or leaving an oily after-touch, instead our range leaves you with a healthy, freshly invigorating & enjoyable experience.

Since the beginning, LA has grown consistently month to month, gaining increased demand due to our dedication of a higher class product. We have maintained strong positive feedback and done so by connecting with our customers, continuing to provide exceptional products and service, and doing things the old fashioned way with complete commitment to client satisfaction.